Sassari  is an Italian city and the second-largest of Sardinia in terms of population with over 130,000 inhabitants, or about 275,000 including the metropolitan area. Being one of the oldest cities on the island, it contains a considerable collection of art.

Festival and traditions

The Faradda di li candareri (The Descent of the Candelieri): it's a devotional procession, in which enormous wooden candles are carried by members of the city guilds from the town centre to the church of Santa Maria of Betlem, in commemoration of the end of the plague in 1582, but it probably has older origins, from a cultural tradition from Pisa that as early as in the second half of the 13th century was practiced in some parts of Sardinia.
The Cavalcata Sarda (the Sardinian Cavalcade); the a main event in Sardinia, on the last Sunday of May thousands of people come from all over Sardinia to Sassari to parade through the city in their local folk costumes on foot and riding on hundreds of the best Sardinian horses.

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