Hello Guys !!
We're almost there, the SocialWeek is almost here! We are finishing the last details and we will write down with all the upcoming events in a few days. For now we tell you about one of the already confirmed events!
ERASMUS IN SCHOOLS is one of the most ambitious projects of ESN International that aims to put the Erasmus students in direct contact with local students, in order to to raise awareness on very important issues such as the fight against xenophobia, interculrtural understanding, different learning styles based on direct contact with different realities and raise awareness of European diversity as a resource to be exploited !!
ESN Sassari is very keen on this project. So far we have carried out this type of activity only in high school but, this year, during the SocialWeek, we want to go further!
We organized two meetings in two local primary schools to be held Wednesday, November the 12th starting at 11:00 in the morning!
The meetings will be developed in the form of language games, small geography lessons, presentation of the culture of their country and so on and so forth! We can arrange activities together!
For this reason we are looking for 4-6 Erasmus who want to participate! It would be better if the participants had enough knowledge of Italian language to be able to actively interact with the kids!
We are very proud of this project because we believe that exposing children to new cultures with your help, can make a positive impact in their future, bridging the gap between nations and, why not, encouraging them to travel.
We count on your support and we are sure that we will share our enthusiasm with you.

12/11/2014 - 11:00
San Giuseppe School, Via Enrico Costa, 63, Sassari - Porcellana School, Via Francesco Porcellana, 15, 07100 Sassar
Contact details: 
Responsible Erasmus in Schools: Mauro Pala 388 432 8465
Responsible SocialErasmus: Elisa Virdis 348 698 1775