The University of Sassari celebrated its 450th academic year in 2012, and it owes its foundation to Alessio Fontana, a clerk at Emperor Charles V's chancellery, who in 1558 donated his belongings to the municipality of Sassari for the establishment of a college in this town.
In 1559 the first Jesuits arrived to Sassari and in 1562 the first courses were taught. During the following years a “University House” was established, and in 1617 King Philip III acknowledged the status of first Royal University of Sardinia to the Jesuit college of Sassari.
Today, the University of Sassari offers multiple education degrees at the undergraduate, graduate, master and PhD level hosts more than 650 researchers and professors distributed among 13 Departments, 22 libraries, and over 40 institutes and research centres over 15,000 students enrolled in the University of Sassari and about 600 are currently spending a study or training period in other European Universities/Institutions over 100 visiting professors teach at the University of Sassari every year the number of incoming Erasmus students from other European Universities is constantly increasing the University of Sassari has established cooperative exchange agreements with over 200 Universities participating in the Erasmus Programme.